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Stop asking inexperienced internet strangers for random opinions and collaborate with an experienced editor and publishing industry expert!

For $150 a month, get expert, personal, on-the-go writing, publishing, and career guidance from #1 New York Times Bestselling Editor, Angela James.

Welcome a new era of clarity and growth in your author career.

Editor in Your Pocket gives you a publishing pro at your side:

  • Deep dives into anything your writing career needs: writing, and editing advice, querying, publishing, branding, marketing, and more — along with the validation, care and support every creative professional needs to help them stay confident and focused.
  • You'll get clear, personalized answers and action items. Together we'll build up the confidence you need to take your writing career to the next level.
  • My personal investment in your immediate and long term success means you'll have a strong professional relationship to grow with.
  • Tailored advice will help you refine your work faster — no more general advice from Facebook groups that doesn't apply to you!
  • Valuable insights and inspiration will shine light on your areas of uncertainty and doubt.

"If you’re wondering if Editor in Your Pocket has value to experienced writers, I can tell you it definitely does.
I knew there was something off about the opening to the book I’m working on, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. With only the 1000-word submission to look at, Angela immediately pinpointed the issue and after our discussion on Voxer, I knew why it was happening, how to fix it, and how to apply it in the rest of the book."

K.A. Mitchell, Author

"Before launching my book series, I knew I needed a great book blurb, but I wasn’t sure how to successfully craft one. Angela’s Editor in your Pocket service was a quick, affordable option that helped me get the right words on my website and the back of my books. I’m thrilled with the help and guidance she’s provided. Thanks, Angela!"

Leanne Stanfield, Author

Meet Angela James

I'm Angela, expert editor and author career coach!

In my 20-year publishing career I've edited 700+ books, including New York Times #1 bestsellers. A publishing industry expert, I was Editorial Director of Harlequin's Carina Press and Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing.

I've edited across romance, mystery, thriller, young adult, women's fiction, science fiction and fantasy.

I'm now an Author Career Strategy Coach and owner of the Book Boss GSD Membership, Book Boss Strategy Intensive and Book Boss Success Alliance Career Accelerator.

Best of all for you? I know exactly where authors get stuck in their writing, editing, and careers, why they get stuck and the strategic action they can take to get moving again and accomplish their goals.

What growth will you see with Editor in Your Pocket?

Publish for Reader Experience/Understand Readers: One of my superpowers as an editor is looking at the work not to my own personal taste, but looking at it for the targeted audience's reading experience. This helps create books and marketing content that work for your audience and develop fans!

Marketability: Tap into my deep understanding of the market and get advice on saleability, marketability, as well as feedback on specific genres, themes, character archetypes, or narrative structures.

Learning Experience: The knowledge and experience you get with working with any editor can be applied to future writing projects, marketing and publishing plans.

Fresh Perspective: It can be hard to spot what's needed in your own work because you're so close to it as the author. And sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Let me bring a fresh, impartial perspective to your work.

Improved Writing: Working with an editor, whether a full book or short sections, can help you not only get corrections made, but also show you specific, personalized-to-you feedback for improving writing on a craft (line edit) level.

Boost Confidence: Sometimes just knowing that an expert editor has looked at your work, given feedback and helped you polish it can relieve some of the anxiety!

Story Development: Receive feedback and advice on specific areas of the story, from character development, to plot, pacing, world building, romance/relationship development and more.

Craft Your Voice: Refine your author and/or character voice and get help developing a consistent style and tone. Readability: Ensure that the text is easy to read and understand, making it more accessible to a wide range of readers.

Validation: Who doesn't love positive feedback and a feeling of validation when you nail edits, get positive feedback and have someone to help you feel better about things? Plus, validation can fuel the motivation to continue writing and to take risks in your work

Develop Resilience: Receiving and incorporating critical feedback is an essential part of the writing process AND the publishing process, because once your work is out there, there will be critical reviews. Publishing can be challenging so learning to receive critical feedback is a quality that is invaluable.

Inspiration: An editor like me, with a strong publishing background and years of experience, can provide new ideas, perspectives, and insights that you hadn't considered.

Emotional Support: Yes, I will offer a shoulder to cry on if something feels frustrating or you just need encouragement. I know publishing and writing can make you feel topsy-turvy and I'm here to give you a boost!

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Editor in Your Pocket


  • How do I know my writing is ready for working with an editor?
    Every author needs their editor and every book needs editing. As an author, you'll reach a point where you know *you're* ready to dive into editing. For the book, the time will come when you'll feel a mix of confidence and uncertainty: when you've completely finished writing and you've self-edited the book as best you can, and you love it to bits but you know you need to collaborate with an experienced critical reader to make it the best book it can be. That's the moment when you and your book are ready for an editor.
  • How do I submit work and how long does feedback take?
    Content must be submitted within the first three weeks of each month (before the 22nd of the month). Feedback will be turned around within 7 business days with the exception of vacations or illness (Advance out-of-office notice will be provided when possible).

    A contract will be provided and must be signed before the first service will be performed.

    Each service must be used on a monthly basis, service credits do not roll over month over month–only one service per month will be offered.
  • What's your refund policy?
    Editor in Your Pocket is non-refundable. You make a 3-month commitment when you register, and if you do not use any month's allotted service, no refund is provided.

    Monthly payments will be automated via Paypal or Stripe (credit card). Payment begins upon joining and will reoccur on the same date every month.
  • Can I start straight away?
    Yes! Service begins as soon as you join and you can submit new materials at the beginning of each month.

    You will be asked to fill out an onboarding form with background information about you/your books, in order to help me start to learn who you are as an author and what you are working toward. This onboarding form is a crucial step in personalizing your service and feedback and I cannot perform your services until this is filled out.
  • I have a question that's not answered here.
    Please email us at support@angelajames.co

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